Court date set for former Lowe’s manager accused of embezzlement

June 24, 2020 | Courts|Featured

NEWKIRK — An initial appearance is set in Kay County District Court this week for Daryl Lee Ramer, 40, Ponca City.

Ramer is facing a felony charge of embezzlement.

Ponca City police Cpl. Trey Thompson reports in the affidavit that on Sept. 30, 2019 he responded to Lowe’s for a report of embezzlement by an employee.

Thompson reportedly made contact with Brian Swon, Lowe’s Regional Loss Prevention Investigator. Swon reportedly told Thompson that he watched a video of Ramer, who at the time was employed as tool manager, loading a cart full of tools. He then reportedly took the tools to a mill working area and placed them in totes. Swon said the video shows Ramer placing the totes outside an employee entrance on the south side of the building. After closing the store, Ramer reportedly drives a Jeep to the totes, loads them up and leaves.

Swon told police it is believed Ramer took the tools to Oklahoma City where he sold them for half price. Swon said there are several videos of this type of activity dated from June 11, 2019 until Sept. 24, 2019.

Investigators confronted Ramer on Sept. 30, 2019.

Swon told police Ramer reportedly admitted to the activity and verbally estimated he collected $15,000 from selling the tools.  Swon estimates a total of $32,000 in tools were stolen from Lowe’s but said the number could be higher. Ramer was fired.

After meeting with Swon, Thompson reports he went to Ramer’s home and made contact with a family member as Ramer was not home. Thompson reports finding nearly a dozen totes matching the description of the ones in the videos.

Ponca City Det. Sgt. Matt Biddinger was dispatched to the scene. Biddinger later interviewed Ramer at the police station.

Ramer reportedly stated, “I put stuff into totes and pushed them out the door. The store wants to charge me with the shrink, stolen or lost property, like $100,000 dollars. I will not say I did not take the items, but not that much. I have been doing this for nine months or so. I told them I stole $15,000 during the interview. I probably stole double of $1,200 ($2,400). I have no tools that belong to Lowe’s at my house or in my storage shed. I did not steal any of the totes I have at my house or at my unit either. I stole Dewalt tool sets and mainly Dewalt tools. I did not tell my family about this. I was selling the tools under a fake name on Craig’s List.”

A warrant was issued for Ramer on Dec. 31, 2019. He was arrested on the warrant on June 15 by police and then released on $5,000 bond.

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