Braman woman facing embezzlement charge

June 23, 2020 | Courts

NEWKIRK — A status docket is set for Megan Raleen Hughs, 27, Braman, on Aug. 21 in Kay County District Court.

Hughs was charged on June 17 with felony counts of embezzlement and fraudelent use of a stolen debit card.

In the affidavit, Kay County Sheriff’s Department investigator John Grimes reports he was contacted by Burden, Kan. police chief Ron Cannon on Jan. 24, 2020. Cannon reportedly told Grimes that Emerald Bank in Burden, Kan. was reporting $130,000 had been taken from an account by fraud and that the suspect was Hughs.

Cowley County Sheriff Lt. Tommy Scott also reportedly contacted Grimes and reported he too had been contacted by Burden police and that he believed the crime was committed in Braman.

Scott emailed Grimes a statement from bank president Debbie Lampson and a print off of the account in question. Grimes contacted Lampson.

Lampson reportedly confirmed to Grimes that the amount of loss originally suffered by the bank was $131,383.08. Lampson reportedly told Grimes that the bank returned the money back to the account which originally had the loss and that the bank was now assuming the loss.

Lampson stated that the bank recovered $23,050.12 in the way of charge backs from MasterCard and that they received $6,985.16 refunded back from the Kay County Denture Clinic leaving the bank with a $101,347.80 loss.

The denture clinic closed in January. (see story)

Soon after the Kay County Sheriff’s Department begin receiving and investigating claims made by patients of the denture clinic that they had paid for dentures that they never received. (see story)

Grimes arranged an interview with Hughs and her attorney Jarrod Stevenson on Feb. 19. Hughs reportedly told Grimes that she took the money from the bank account but did not take any money from the business or any other businesses. She reportedly told Grimes that she used the money to pay someone back.

Following the interview Grimes sent a warrant request to the district attorney’s office. The charges were filed on June 17 and a warrant with bond endorsed at $50,000 was issued.

On June 19, Judge David Wilkie placed the warrant on hold and ordered the defendant to appear in court on June 22. According to the Kay County Court Clerk’s office Hughs was released on an own recognizance bond on June 22 and a status docket is set for Aug. 21. The Kay County Detention Center reports that Hughs has not been booked into the jail on the charges.

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