State now shows only one case of COVID-19 reported at Ponca Nursing this week

May 22, 2020 | Headlines

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma State Department of Health Executive Report released at 5 p.m. Friday shows that only one case of COVID-19 was confirmed at Ponca City Nursing this week and not two as they reported on Thursday.

The facility has dealt with two confirmed cases since the pandemic began.

The first case was reported in March and the second case was confirmed on May 18. (see story)

Confusion has followed since the second case was reported.

On Wednesday, other media outlets reported the case was false positive.

On Thursday, Kathy Casper, administrator at Ponca Nursing, said that the facility stands by the press release issued on Monday. (see story)

Then Thursday evening, the OSDH Executive Report showed two cases of COVID-19 reported at the facility this week. (see story)

That is followed by Friday’s report showing one case reported this week. Casper said the corporate office will be issuing a press release on the matter. Executive Reports are posted Monday through Friday at