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Osage County Sheriff Eddie Virden has improved many things in the Osage County Sheriff’s office (OCSO) since being elected in 2016.

“Since elected Osage County Sheriff, overall morale has improved and we are providing a higher standard of service to the community. We have a team dedicated to the citizens and I plan to continue the mission of improving response times, case management and follow ups. I also plan to enhance the general protection of the citizens of Osage County.”

Strong Background in Law Enforcement

Virden began his law enforcement career in 1988 with the Bartlesville Police Department. In 1995 he was named the Chief Criminal Investigator and lead the drug and violent crime task force.

“In 2002 I began working part time with Sheriff Russell Cottle while operating a cattle ranch in Osage county. In 2005 I began working full time for Sheriff Ty Koch as the Supervisor of District 10 Drug Task force and violent crime unit. Additionally, I ran the Special Operations Team.  Later I transferred to Criminal Investigations before leaving the OCSO in 2010 to work as a Special Agent with the Department of Agriculture Food & Forestry. I retired from the Department of Agriculture in 2015 and was elected Sheriff of Osage County in 2016. During my career I was often in leadership roles and in charge of many high-risk operations. I have investigated and arrested numerous offenders including those involved in property theft, vandalism, and the violent ones such as child molestation and murder. Throughout my various roles I have gained knowledge and experience that I feel is crucial to the leadership and management of this office.”

First Term Accomplishments

Sheriff Eddie Virden has been able to successfully maintain the county jail and sheriff’s office despite continually reduced funding.

“In 2014-2015 the OCSO budget was approximately $4.6 million dollars. Currently we are operating on a budget of $4.3 million dollars.”

Despite the reduced funding of the OCSO, Sheriff Virden has seen to it that needed upkeep and long overdue repairs continue to performed. The main sewer line to the jail, the broken locks on cell doors, the cooking and ventilation items in the jail kitchen were all replaced. 

 “I have added cameras to our infrastructure while upgrading the recording software and storage and we have improved inmate property storage and filing systems. We have also implemented video arraignment and video calls with inmates at no cost to the citizens”. 

Sheriff Virden takes his role as a constitutional officer serious. He declared Osage county a 2nd amendment sanctuary county and will fight any unconstitutional infringements. He has been endorsed by the Oklahoma 2nd amendment association (OK2A) and is a Life Member of the NRA.

Sheriff Virden has also made updates and improvements.

“I have purchased numerous new vehicles to maintain our fleet. We have pulled the majority of vehicle maintenance in house to control spending. I have increased employee salaries with minimal increases to our budget and we are currently relocating the OCSO on site impound yard at no cost with the assistance of County Commissioner, Randall Jones. I have utilized mobile software to assist outside agencies and medical personnel in locating addresses, incident details, and caller information with Geosafe which is funded by the E 911 business office. I have consolidated dispatch stations without reducing performance but reducing costs. I have increased cooperation with outside law enforcement agencies and medical agencies.”

Transparency Advocate

Sheriff Virden has given citizens and the media full access to his cell phone number

“I have made my office as transparent as possible. I encourage citizens to call me directly on my personal cell phone which is 918-214-2233. I want all of our citizens to feel they have a voice and I am here to listen and assist where possible.” 

Fighting for Improvements

“I have been working with the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association, State Representatives, and State Senators to obtain a better retirement system for our deputies and jail staff. Currently most law enforcement agencies have 20 year retirement benefits and county sheriff’s do not.”

Sheriff Virden is also working with state representatives to assist in changing the law, HB 2336, so that teachers can carry a concealed firearm with the school board’s permission.

Grants Obtained

Sheriff Eddie Virden has obtained three grants since being in office.

• Department of Justice grant that covers half of the costs associated with purchasing new ballistic vests for deputies. 

• Oklahoma Highway Safety grant that allows for the placement of extra manpower to conduct general safety traffic enforcement.

• Department of Environmental Equality which pays for a deputy working routinely to investigate and remove illegal trash dump sites.

Next Term Goals

When re-elected Virden will continue to protect and serve.

“I want to continue to build our relationships with our citizens and outside agencies. I want to implement programs to deter criminal activity. I plan to continue to build a stronger program for our Reserve Officers. I would like to secure the futures of my hard working and dedicated employees who have invested their time and careers with the office to make sure we are successful. Most of all, I want to provide a safe and peaceful environment for our citizens to live, work, and raise their families.”

I’m asking for your support and vote on June 30.

Sheriff Eddie Virden
Vote Eddie Virden June 30
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