Candidate filing ends; Two county races develop; PC resident challenging Inhofe; Blackwell resident challenging Luttrell

April 10, 2020 | Featured|Headlines

NEWKIRK — Candidate filing ended today in Newkirk at the Kay County Courthouse. 

Incumbents Steve Kelley, sheriff, Tammy Reese, county clerk, Jason Shanks, county commissioner, and Marilee Thornton, court clerk, all filed for re-election.

Today, Natalie Scavezze, Ponca City, filed to run against court clerk Marilee Thornton and Chris DeBoard, Peckham, filed to run against Shanks for county commissioner District No. 2. The election between Scavezze and Thornton will be on the June 30 ballot. DeBoard and Shanks will be on the Nov. 3 ballot.

On the state level:

Republican Jim Inhofe, 85, filed for re-election as U.S. Senator.

Ponca City resident and Democrat R.O. Joe Cassidy, Jr., 76, filed against Inhofe.

Other Democrats who filed are: Sheila Bilyeu, 76, Freedom; Abby Broyles, 30, Oklahoma City; Elysabeth Britt, 41, Oklahoma City.

Republicans who filed against Inhofe are: J.J. Stitt, 46, Kingfisher; John Tompkins, 63, Oklahoma City, and Neil Mavis, 57, Tulsa.  Independents who filed against Inhofe are: Joan Farr, 64, Tulsa, and A.D. Nesbit, 39, Ada. Libertarian Robert Murphy, 72, Norman, also filed. That race will be on the June 30 ballot.

State Rep. District No. 37

Republican Ken Luttrell,, 66,  Ponca City, is being challenged by Independent Shawn Wilson, 48, Blackwell.

U.S. Rep. District No. 3

Republican Frank Lucas, 60, Cheyenne, filed for re-election to U.S. Representative District No. 3. Democrat Zoe Midyett, 51, Wellston, also filed.

Both races will be on the June 30 ballot.

State Sen. District 19

Roland Pederson, 69, Burlington, (R) filed for re-election to Sen. District No. 19. He is being challenged by (R) David Mason, 61, Enid. That will race will be on the June 30 ballot.

Republican Kevin Sean Roberts, incumbent, filed for State Rep. District No. 36, Osage County and did not draw an opponent.

John Pfeiffer, 33, Orlando, (R) filed for re-election to Rep. 38 and did not draw an opponent.

To see a list of all state candidates click here.