Ponca City man facing rape and child prostitution charges

March 9, 2020 | Courts|Featured

NEWKIRK — A status docket is set for Ponca City resident, Jean Luc Thomas, 22, in Kay County District Court.

Thomas is facing felony charges of first degree rape, victim intoxicated by narcotic or anesthetic, and engaging in child prostitution. A misdemeanor charge of permitting invitees under 21 to consume alcohol or a controlled dangerous substance is also filed.

Ponca City police officer Matt Biddinger reports in the affidavit that a juvenile female claims Thomas gave her alcohol and raped her on Feb. 15. The teen claims Thomas made her consume Oil Fire Whiskey and 4 Locos.

The teen provided police with a recording of a conversation in which Thomas allegedly states, “Give me that booty and I’ll give you $100 cash plus four packs of four pods (Vapor pods) or two packs plus $100,” so you getting four pods plus $100 cash, that’s a freaking hell of a deal.”

Police report the teen is heard on the recording telling Thomas she is too drunk and he responds that it should be easier when she is drunk.

Jean Luc Thomas

On Feb. 16, police obtained search warrants for the home. Biddinger reports that two phones were seized and a bottle of Oil Fire whiskey. Police also took a photo of a 4 Locos container found in the kitchen.

Biddinger reports that he interviewed Thomas who reportedly said, “This is a shock to me.” During the interview Thomas reportedly admitted that he was drunk that night and that he did offer the teen alcohol. 

“I was the one putting alcohol in my mouth and I know it is my responsibility to make sure I do not do something stupid when I am drunk,” Thomas reportedly said.

Thomas denies the allegation that he offered money to the teen in return for sex and denies having sex with the teen but admits he was drunk.

“I was drunk. I have no idea if it is out of the realm of possibility that I slept with her. My wife is very angry with me because of this. I understand if you find my DNA in hers I am done,” Thomas reportedly told Biddinger.

Thomas also reportedly said that being black out drunk is not a defense.

A warrant for Thomas was issued on March 2 with bond endorsed at $250,000. He appeared before Judge David Wilkie on March 4 with attorney Rick Johnson. Wilkie reduced bond to $175,000 and ordered Thomas to consume no alcohol and have no contact with the vicim or the victim’s family if released. He did bond out and a status docket is set for April 17.