More details in the Delodge murder case made public

January 31, 2020 | Courts|Featured|Headlines

NEWKIRK — More details have been released concerning the murder of 20-year-old Shon Matthew Delodge.

Delodge was shot at a residence in the 1200 block of N. Oak on Jan. 23.  Three juveniles and Triston Pappan, 22, have been arrested. (see story)

Pappan is being held in the county jail on pending charges that include first degree murder and conspiracy to commit a felony. Bond is set at $10 million.

Ponca City police Set. Sgt. Shane Pruett reports in the affidavit that he responded to the scene and learned from medical staff that Delodge was shot in the left part of the forehead. Pruett reports locating a .45 caliber brass casing near the back door of the residence.

Triston Pappan

Eleeza Johnson reportedly told police that her sister woke her up and said Delodge was shot. Johnson reportedly stated that Delodge and Madison Terrell were asleep when the shooting occurred. Terrell reportedly told Johnson that she heard a loud noise that woke her up and that she discovered the back door open.

One of the juveniles in custody reportedly told police that earlier in the week, Pappan, and Delodge had been involved in a “heated face to face argument” and that Pappan reportedly had been talking about killing Delodge for two days.

The teen told police that on the evening of Jan. 23, Pappan came to his house driving his mother’s vehicle, picked him up and said, “We are going to handle business. Let’s get this over with.”

The teen claims he saw a gun in Pappan’s waist band and that Pappan kept saying, “I’m gonna kill this mother ———.”

The teen told police that he asked Pappan not to kill him.

He claims Pappan stopped the vehicle about a block from the residence and that the pair got out, ran to the back door, went inside, where Pappn pulled out his gun, and shook the bottom of Delodge’s leg. Delodge allegedly raised his head and mumbled before Pappan shot him. The teen claims that the pair then ran out of the home.  “All I did was stand next to Triston while this happened,” the teen reportedly stated.

Pruett reports he conducted a recorded interview with Pappan on Jan. 25.

In the interview Pappan reportedly claims the teen killed Delodge. Pappan reportedly told police that he was with three teens and that one of the teens wanted to go to Delodge’s house to “Say what’s up.” Pappan said the teen was upset with Delodge over a gun.

Pappan claims the teen told him to park on Pine Street. He told Pruett that he thought the teen was going to the home to fight Delodge.

Pappan claims the teens got out of the vehicle, walked to the home, returned, and one stated, “No more Shon.” That is when Pappan claims he learned that they shot Delodge and they left.

Pappan is scheduled for an initial appearance on Feb. 7.