Former Asst. Kaw Nation police chief facing more charges; Two others arrested

January 22, 2020 | Courts|Police

NEWKIRK — More charges are pending against former Kaw Nation assistant police chief Robert William Seney Jr., 51, Ponca City. 

Seney is currently being held in isolation at the county jail on kidnapping, vandalism, assault and firearm charges. (see story) 

Seney’s ex-wife Crystal Dawn Cross, 38, and her boyfriend Stephen Scott Strasburger, 38, were arrested by the District Attorney’s Task Force on Jan. 18 in Blackwell after officials followed up on a recorded phone call made by Seney to Cross from the county jail.

District attorney investigator Ron Teel reports in the affidavit that Seney called Cross from the jail and asked her and Strasburger to follow maps to an area where he had hidden firearms on Jan. 3. During the call Seney reportedly stated that if the police find the guns he is done.

Seney is accused of pointing a gun at his now ex-girlfriend at Pizza Hut on that day.

Jailers searched Seney’s jail cell and found the map he drew and an encryption code for sending secret messages.

On Jan. 18, Blackwell police and D.A. Task Force members checked the area shown on Seney’s hand written map, which is described as 200 yards north of Sonic in Blackwell.

Officials report finding two handguns under a pile of trees in the open field matching the ones described by Seney.

In addition, Teel reports finding a bag of meth under a brick that Seney had described as the five brick restaurant.

Law enforcement learned that Cross and Strasburger Jr. traveled to Blackwell from Ponca City presumably to look for the items. Task Force investigator Mike Garcia stopped the vehicle in the 1100 block of N. Main.

Officials report finding a pair of muck boots that Seney reportedly stated would be needed to find the weapons. A handheld metal detector was also located. Cross and Strasburger reportedly admitted to purchasing the metal detector for the purpose of finding the weapons.

Strasburger reportedly waived his rights and spoke to investigators. He reportedly stated he got caught up in helping Cross and Seney and that he doesn’t really like Seney.

Cross reportedly told investigators that she has been helping Seney’s family with bond money and attorney fees. The pair were booked in the Blackwell Jail.

Blackwell police Sgt. Cory Ingram reports finding three baggies of meth in a purse belonging to Cross during booking. Probable cause affidavits show that Seney is facing pending charges of conspiracy, accessory after the fact, possession of meth and destruction of evidence. His total bond is now $185,000.

Strasburger is facing pending charges of obstruction, accessory after the fact and conspiracy. He is free on $5,000 bond and is ordered to have no contact with Seney and to transfer his firearms into someone else’s name. He is also ordered to have no contact with Seney’s alleged victim listed in the other cases.

Cross is facing pending charges of obstruction, accessory after the fact, bringing meth into a jail, and conspiracy.She is free on $5,000 bond and is ordered to have no contact with Seney and his alleged victim.

All are set for initial appearances on the pending charges on Jan. 31.

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