Former officer facing charges

January 13, 2020 | Courts|Featured|Police

NEWKIRK — Former Kaw Nation Tribal officer Robert William Seney Jr., 51, is scheduled for an initial appearance in Kay County District Court on Jan. 17. 

Seney is facing felony charges of kidnapping, assault with a dangerous weapon, possession of a firearm during commission of a felony, two misdemeanor protective order violations and a misdemeanor charge of malicious injury to property. 

On Dec. 2 Blackwell police report a female came to the police department reporting her vehicle had been vandalized by Seney. The female told police she was in her vehicle about to back out when Seney approached the front passenger window with a crow bar and tried to pry the door open.

The alleged victim told police she started honking the horn hoping to scare him away. Seney reportedly jumped on top of her car, yelling. BPD officer Dylan Landers reports he made contact with Seney via telephone on Dec. 7.

Seney reportedly told the officer that the pair had agreed to meet at the football field, but he feared that she was going to have some friends jump him. Seney reportedly said he arrived in Blackwell early for the meeting and decided to go to her workplace. He told the officer he surprised her and that she took off and that he had to jump on the hood to avoid being hit. Seney denied having a crow bar. 

Robert William Seney

The female was later granted a protective order against Seney.

On Dec. 5  Ponca City police Sgt. Jason Ivers reports he responded to the Regel Inn, 301 S. 14th Street in Ponca City, for a report of a male who had possibly violated a protective order. The alleged victim told Ivers that she has been staying in hotels since being granted the protective order.

She told Ivers that when she stepped outside the hotel, Seney was sitting across the street in his truck revving the motor. 

The female said she went back into the room to get a friend and when they came back outside, Seney had reportedly backed his truck down the alley to where it was out of sight. The pair then reportedly saw a man dressed in black standing behind two trees.

She told the officer she is not positive that it was Seney but that the subject looked like him. Seney was later charged with violating a protective order. 

On Jan. 3, District Attorney Task Force officer Ron Teel reports that he was contacted by BPD and told that Seney had went to the female’s residence and pointed a gun at her. Teel reports the alleged victim was upset and shaking.

She claims that Seney ran up to her residence from inside the carport, grabbed her arm, put a gun to her head and told her to get into a vehicle. The female told Teel she got into the vehicle and that Seney got in the back seat. He reportedly told her to drop the charges because he can’t get a job.

The female reportedly told him she needed to go to Pizza Hut and pick up her son. With Seney in the car, she drove to the restaurant, jumped out and ran inside. Seney followed her inside before leaving on foot. Teel reports that the female stated she was scared of Seney and fears he will kill her.

Task Force officer Mike Garcia contacted Seney via phone and arrested him near the Blackwell hospital. Seney was transported to the county jail where he is being held in isolation on $110,000 bond.