Kildare resident charged in shooting incident

January 10, 2020 | Courts|Featured

NEWKIRK — Kildare resident Jesse Arron Baker, 35, is facing a felony charge of assault and battery with a deadly weapon in connection to a shooting reported in Kildare on Dec. 14.

Kay County deputy John Grimes reports that he responded to  a report of a shooting in Kildare.  (see initial story)

Grimes went to Alliance Health in Ponca City where the victim, William Echols, was being treated. Echols reportedly suffered wounds to his right leg, foot, and wrist.

Jesse Arron Baker

Echols reportedly told investigators he went to Baker’s residence with a friend, whose wife was living at the residence. Echols said Baker asked his friend if he wanted to die, then went inside the home, got a gun.

Echols got out of the vehicle and Baker shot him. The pair left and went to the hospital.

Deputies responded to Kildare and made contact with Baker. Baker claims Echols had a gun and that is why he got his gun. He claims he fired his gun at the ground. Deputies confiscated a shotgun from Baker for evidence.

Deputies never located the handgun that Baker claims Echols had. Baker is free on $75,000 bond and scheduled for a status docket on April 17. Attorney Scott Loftis is representing Baker.