Bond reduced in murder case despite objection from D.A.

January 6, 2020 | Courts|Featured

NEWKIRK — A status docket is set for murder suspect Brian Thomas Haley, 54, Ponca City, on Feb. 7.

Haley is facing a felony charge of second degree murder or in the alternative first degree manslaughter. Haley was arrested by Ponca City police on Dec. 18 in connection to the death of 52-year-old Gary Schauer. (see initial story)

In the affidavit PCPD Det. Sgt. Josh Henderson reports that on Dec. 18 he began investigating Schauer’s death. Schauer was transported via ambulance on Dec. 13 to Alliance Health with a spinal injury from The Fox. He was later transferred to OU Medical in Oklahoma City, where he died on Dec. 17. 

Henderson obtained video from the bar that reportedly shows the two men arguing outside the bar. A third male, who has not been identified, was also at the scene.

Henderson reports Haley appears to be the aggressor and that the unidentified male attempted to push him away from Schauer.

Schauer reportedly put his hands up to fight and Haley begins swinging at him.

Haley reportedly punches Schauer, then grabs him by the throat and throws him into a wall. Haley then grabs the left side of Schauer’s head and slams the right side of his head into the wall. Haley then pulls Schauer off the wall and proceeds to punch him in the face causing him to fall backward onto the concrete near a vehicle.

Brian Thomas Haley

Henderson reports Schauer’s body is limp and immobile after hitting the ground. The unidentified male motions for Haley to get away from the victim. An employee of the bar told police that the pair had been playing pool when they started arguing.

A witness told police he went outside and saw Schauer on the ground asking for an ambulance. Haley and a friend reportedly told the witness that Schauer had fallen.

The witness told the pair he didn’t believe them and tried to take their photo causing Haley’s friend to get mad. The witness said he was calling 911 and Haley’s friend reportedly threatened the witness. At that point Haley came out, grabbed his friend and they left.

On Dec. 18, Haley turned himself in to police. He declined to answer questions but denied being in a fight at the bar.

He was booked in the county jail on $200,000 bond and ordered not to have alcohol or visit an establishment where it is served, and to have no contact with anyone consuming alcohol if released on bond.

On Jan. 3, a bond reduction hearing was held. Defense attorney Jarrod Stevenson and district attorney Brian Hermanson appeared. Over Hermanson’s objection, Judge David Wilkie reduced Haley’s bond to $100,000.