Court date set for woman charged with exposing a child to drugs

December 9, 2019 | Courts

NEWKIRK — An attorney status review is set for Ravenell Michelle Maple, 20, Ponca City, in Kay County District Court. A felony charge of child endangerment, exposing a child to drugs and a misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana was filed against Maple on Nov. 20.

Ponca City police Sgt. Steven Yinger reports that he was dispatched to a residence on Aug. 20 for a Department of Human Services standby. DHS was responding to reports of drug use at the residence.

Yinger reports a small child answered the door. Upon entering the home, Yinger reports smelling marijuana. Logo
Ravenell Michelle Maple,

Maple denied having any drugs in the home and told officials the people in the apartment below smoke pot. She then reportedly admitted to smoking pot three hours before officials arrived with out the benefit of a medical marijuana card. She said the child was not present when she smoked. Yinger reports seeing a container from a local dispensary in the apartment within reach of the child and a pipe containing burnt residue. Yinger reports a total of 0.3gr of marijuana was located at the home. Maple is free on bond.

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