Blackwell officer indicted on second degree murder charge

November 22, 2019 | Courts|Police


OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoman is reporting today that a state grand jury has returned a second degree murder indictment against Blackwell police Lt. John Mitchell.

Mitchell is now indicted in what is now called the murder of 34-year-old Michael Ann Godsey (pronounced as Michelle) on May 20. (see story)
Mitchell and another officer responded that morning to a report of driver of a vehicle firing a weapon around Blackwell.

The officers located the vehicle and a pursuit ensued. Shots were exchanged near the intersection of 13th Street and Doolin and Godsey was killed.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation investigated the incident. Kay County District Attorney Brian Hermanson recused from the case and the information was given to Stephens County D.A. Jason Hicks for review.

Blackwell police chief Dwayne Wood said today he is not sure how the process works. “This is the first time I have dealt with this kind of thing,” he said. Wood said BPD has cooperated with the investigation.
Mitchell and the other Blackwell officer have been on paid leave since the incident. Fraternity Order of Police State President Jason Smith posted a message on the FOP Facebook page, stating he is in shock and that the City of Blackwell is standing behind Mitchell. To read Smith’s message visit the FOP Facebook page.