Ponca City man accused of violently beating woman

October 20, 2019 | Courts|Featured

NEWKIRK — Ponca City resident William Goble Riddick III, 44, is facing felony charges of first degree rape, kidnapping and misdemeanor charges of domestic abuse and possession of meth, in Kay County District Court.
The charges were filed Oct. 2 after a female told authorities that he beat her on Sept. 20 in a remote location.

Deputy Kyle Colclasure reports that Riddick was arrested on Sept. 20 in the 800 block of South 44th Street near Blackwell after a woman went to the Blackwell emergency room claiming he beat her up.

William Goble Riddick III

Colclasure met Blackwell police officer Scott King at the Blackwell ER where the alleged victim stated she had been at Kaw Southwind Casino in Braman with Riddick when he allegedly got upset about some text messages she received and the pair argued.
Casino security made the pair leave.

When they got in a vehicle, she alleges that Riddic began hitting her in the head, at one point bouncing her head off of the door. He reportedly told her he was going to take her somewhere where no one could hear her scream.
She stated they went to a remote location where he choked, kicked, and punched her, made her eat cigarette butts and ashes, and made her pulled down her pants down and kicked her in the crotch. She told authorities the beating lasted two or three hours and that Riddick cried when he later saw what he had done.

Colclasure reports both of her eyes were swollen to the point that she had to use her fingers to pry them open and that she had bruising around her neck, arms, and legs. Riddick is being held in the county jail on $25,000 bond and is set for a status docket on Nov. 15.

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