Plea docket set in murder case

October 5, 2019 | Courts

NEWKIRK — Accused murderer William Bear Overland, 21, Ponca City, has waived his right to a preliminary hearing and is scheduled for a plea docket on Nov. 4 in Kay County District Court.

Overland is charged with second degree murder in the beating death of 20-year-old Brittney Kayleen Adams. (See story)

Since being incarcerated in the county jail, Overland has continued to rack up charges. On June 27 he was charged with two felony counts of injuring a public building. (See story)

Overland Mug Shot
William Bear Overland

On July 31 three more felony charges of injuring a public building were filed against Overland. In that affidavit, Detention Center employee Kevin Main reports Overland is accused of hitting and kicking the isolation door. Before a staff member could respond, central control advised that Overland was standing on the sink attempting to pop the sprinkler head.

When a jailer entered the cell, Overland reportedly pulled the safety clip and activated the fire system. The water was shut off. Overland then reportedly attempted to flood the cell by causing the toilet and the shower to overflow. Staff reports the sprinkler head and two mattresses were destroyed during the incident.