Still no plan in place for Hubbard Road

October 2, 2019 | Featured|Headlines

NEWKIRK — Kay County Commissioner Jack Godberson says officials are considering three plans for the damaged Chikaskia River Bridge on Hubbard Road.

Godberson explained that since Federal money is involved in the project, more people are involved on how the funding will be gathered and implemented. Godberson said the bridge endured two near record crests in May and that the river bank is at the edge of the roadway between the two bridges. (see story)
Godberson said the three proposals being considered are:
• Reopen the bridge to traffic at an estimated cost of $2 million. “The plan does not fix the changing channel of the river bank that is on the move that will require another bridge in the near future if not corrected,” said Godberson.
• Rip rapping the oxbow and its river banks is being considered but has no estimated cost as of yet. “If we can’t control the erosion of this river it will be an everlasting money pit to keep this road open,” said Godberson.
• Abandon this span of Hubbard Road and putting $2 million in to improving four miles of S Street between Hubbard Road and Highway 11. “This span of road is also a money pit,” said Godberson. “No wants Hubbard Road abandoned but two money pits could be solved by doing so.”

Godberson said no decision has been made on a plan to repair the bridge but that if a temporary fix is chosen, it could take up to a year to put into place.