Warrant issued in Tonkawa animal cruelty case

September 9, 2019 | Courts

NEWKIRK — Warrants are issued for two Tonkawa residents charged with felony counts of cruelty to animals.

Kendra Chantel Dollarhide, 28, and Dustin Gene Epperson, 32, were charged in Kay County District Court on Aug. 26 after Tonkawa authorities report finding a dead dog on their rental property and a second dog in bad condition.

Tonkawa police report investigating a report of animal cruelty in the 200 block of south 11th Street on July 12. The officer reports finding a dog at the address with thick matted fur. A decomposing dead dog was reportedly located near the dog food.

Officer Dakota Stephen, reports he believes the animal’s body had been decomposing for several weeks and that the remains were in a mummified state. Stephens report the grass in the yard was taller than him, (5ft 10inches,) in some areas. The officer made contact with Epperson via telephone. Epperson reportedly admitted to knowing about the dead dog and stated that he gave the surviving dog water. Bond for Dollarhide is endorsed at $10,000. Epperson has a prior criminal charges and bond is endorsed at $25,000.

Kendra Chantel Dollarhide
Dustin Gene Epperson