Ponca City resident facing neglect by caretaker charge

September 3, 2019 | Courts|Featured

NEWKIRK — Ponca City resident Sunshine Dawn Scott, 42, Ponca City, was booked in the county jail today on a felony charge of neglect by caretaker and released on $25,000 bond.

Scott was charged on Aug. 26, after the Department of Human Services and police were contacted by Alliance Health emergency room workers on May 29 about a female reportedly under Scott’s care, who was admitted to the hospital covered in feces and wounds that maggots were feeding on.

A nurse told police she washed maggots from the woman’s skin.
The woman’s sister told police that she discovered the woman in bad condition after Scott contacted her and said she was going on vacation.
PCPD officer Jenny Bahm reports the woman had what appeared to be feces around her mouth and under her toe nails, which reportedly had not been trimmed in months, and too many bed sores to count.

The alleged victim told police she suffers from medical conditions that made her immobile. She also told police she is left alone during the day and does not wear adult diapers. Therefore, she relieves herself on the couch. She also reportedly said she hadn’t had a bath in two months and that she eats one meal a day. During an interview with Adult Protective Services, the woman reportedly stated that Scott does the best she can.

Scott reportedly told police that the woman is very stubborn and won’t accept help. She said the woman stays under the blankets on the couch and that she had no idea her condition was that bad. She told police she was leaving for a vacation in Bali and that she would not be back until June 10.

The alleged victim told police that she did not believe she was being abused and that the situation has been created because she is stubborn.
Scott is set for an initial appearance on Sept. 13.

Sunshine Dawn Scott