County discusses courthouse annex

July 15, 2019 | Featured|Headlines


NEWKIRK — A contract with Architects in Partnership that would allow the firm to design an annex to the Kay County Courthouse was discussed at the county commission meeting Monday.

District attorney Brian Hermanson said a special meeting needs to be held with commissioners acting as the Public Building Authority. He suggested the topic be placed on the next agenda and that he believes attorney David Cummings will explain how the annex will be funded.

Hermanson said all four judges and his office met with a representative of AIP last week to discuss the annex.

“It was a good meeting and I think everyone is comfortable with the spaces they will be allowed to have,” said Hermanson.

Commissioner Jack Godberson commented that there are three options. Treasurer Christy Kennedy said a committee formed to look at the project, is looking at an annex building and refurbishing the courthouse. “We are not looking at three different plans,” she said. “Eventually someone is going to have to move. My understanding is the annex will be built. You are going to have to house the court system somewhere while this is being done.”

Current plans would result in the court system taking over the courthouse. Hermanson said they second floor would stay the same and that the third floor would change significantly.
Sheriff Steve Kelley, said a sally port would also be built.
The topic was tabled and officials plan to place it on a future agenda.
Kennedy addressed commissioners about internet service.
“My office is in desperate need of dependable internet service,” she said. “Right now we are spending over $9,840 a year on internet service. It would cost $1,440 more to go with OneNet but it would be a guaranteed line. To establish to add me and assessor, they would have to come in and do wiring and it would be $12,280 to add the two offices. I really hope we do this.”

Commissioners agreed it was okay for Kennedy to obtain a contract and give it to the district attorney.
Commissioners approved modifications to the road use agreement between commissioners and Duke Energy Renewables Wind, LLC regarding clarification of three items on the Frontier Wind Power II Road Use Agreement with Duke Energy. (See story)
Hermanson said he added some language including “No further blacktop or concrete roads will be added in district No.2 Commissioners approved the changes.

Commissioners said they continue to work on roads that suffered flood damage.
Godberson said his crews placed a culvert extension at Ranch Drive and South Ave and fixed S Street, which buckled last week. He said he has two more roads that are showing signs of buckling.
Commissioner John Wilson said his crews have been taking pictures for FEMA and draining roads that are holding water.
Commissioner Jason Shanks said his crews are working on the state line this week and that crews removed 12 feet of silt off of Silverdale Lane. He said crews are also working on roads in the northern parts of the county.

Commissioners reviewed a letter from the Tonkawa Fire Department seeking support regarding the Oklahoma Emergency Response System Stabilization and Improvement Revolving Fund (OERSSIRF). Shanks commented that no one from Tonkawa Fire was present. “Anytime we have supported someone they have been here,” he said. “Maybe they didn’t want to make the drive from Tonkawa.” Wilson asked to table the item until he can find out what it is about. Information on OERSSIRF can be viewed here

Commissioners reviewed the cost of Rec Plex memberships offered to county employees.
County clerk Tammy Reese said the organization is trying to engage the community in improving health and wellness. “We would get a corporate discount if it was deducted out of the payroll checks,” she said. It looks like it is a $5 discount and the total cost would be $45 a month.”
Shanks suggested asking officials to see if their offices have any interest. The item was tabled.

Donna Parker, Oklahoma Court Services told commissioners that the program welcomed 18 new defendants this month, bringing the total to 63. She said a total of 627.33 hours were completed and that 13 offenders completed their sentences. Facilities that defendants worked at include: Santa’s Helper Flea Market; Friendship Feast; Blackwell Museum; Hartford Ave. Church; Tonkawa Fire Department; Wheatheart Nutrition; Ponca Lake; Newkirk Main Street, and the Ponca City Senior Center.
Upcoming events that defendants will assist with include: Habitat Restore, Santa Helper and Flea Market, Ponca City Disc Golf, City of Braman, My Favorite Things, Ponca Lake, Wheatheart Nutrition, and Friendship Feast.

Commissioners also tabled a decision on pipeline crossing permits requested by Blackwell Rural Water Corp. Wilson said this is the first he has heard of the topic.

Kay County Treasurer Christy Kennedy addresses county commissioners about internet contracts.