Dozens of Kay County bowlers take part in USBC Women’s Nationals

July 7, 2019 | Sports


WICHITA, Kan. — Over three dozen women from Ponca City took part in the 100th edition of the United States Bowling Congress Women’s Championships held this year in Wichita, Kan. at Northrock Lanes.

The 2019 tournament begin on April 20 and concluded June 30.

Terri Terry, 2015 National Doubles Champion, bowled her first 200 game in National competition with a 221 in team competition. Terry scored a 1,348 in All Events and a 1,024 rank in Sapphire competition.

Robin Cnossen, Terry’s 2015 National Double’s Championship partner, scored a 1,630 in All Events and finished 143 in Ruby competition. Cnossen received honors for making her 30th appearance in the tournament.

Cheryl Hill and Sharon Rowen combined for a score of 837 and finished with a rank of 309 in Amethyst doubles competition. Hill was filling in for Tammy Pace. Callie McBride, teamed with Terry, Rowen, and Hill to score a 1,733 and a 570 rank in Emerald Team competition.

Jaclyn McCormick and Rhonda McCormick, finished 40th in doubles in Topaz competition with a score of 786. The pair and their teammates Fae Rabb and Joy Sanders, finished 49th in Sapphire Team competition with a score of 1,692.

Jessica Kendrick, earned a ranking of 162 in singles in the Ruby competition with a score of 567. Lacey Smith, finished in 1,209 place in Topaz singles competition.

Kym Henry, Brenda Madrid, Doris Lambert, and Pam Sober, competed in Sapphire Team competition and scored a 1,443 for a rank of 669. Diana McKinnis finished with a total score of 1,145 in All Events Topaz competition and finished with a 273 rank.

Saundra Kirk, Angela Hamlin, Sharon Hunt, and Ginny Durham scored 1,767 and finished 12th in Sapphire Team competition.

Carisa Gelino bowled a 355 and finished ranked 700 in Topaz singles competition. Sarah Lawson, bowled a 437 in Sapphire singles competition and finished with a rank of 1,974

Elaine Costello, bowled a 542 and ranked 187 in Emerald singles competition. Beth Bohon bowled a 1,407 and ranked 417 in Sapphire All Events competition. Francie James, bowled a 413 and finished 157th in Topaz singles competition. Mary Quiram, bowled a 399 and finished 3,341 in Sapphire singles competition.
Bambi Correll and Debbie McClaskey teamed up to score 823 and finish 410 in Amethyst Doubles competition.

Erin Mercer bowled a 1,207 and finished 99th in Topaz All Events competition. Tammy Rein bowled a 1,457 to finish 982 in Ruby All Events competition. Carol Barnes scored a 484 for and ranked 549 in Sapphire singles competition. Sharon Anderson bowled a 403 and finished with 1,270 rank in Amethyst singles competition. Lakan Linder, bowled a 382 to finish with a 1,884 rank in Amethyst singles competition. Brenda Pollack scored a 316 for a 1,188 Topaz singles ranking.

Those from Blackwell who competed are: Elaine Hoober, Jo Jordan, Diane Spry, Kelly Fierce, Mitzi Neuman, and Billie Reid.

Braman residents Donna Campbell and Marcia Crandall took part as did Newkirk residents Bernita Wathor and Sue Deibler and Marlene Welch of Tonkawa. The 101st USBC Women’s Championship will be held in Las Vegas, Nev. at South Point Bowling Plaza.

Robin Cnossen has competed in the USBC Women’s National Championships 30 times.