Status dockets set for Burgess and Zazueta

June 18, 2019 | Courts

NEWKIRK — The woman accused of harboring former fugitive Enrique Alberto Zazueta, is scheduled for a status docket on July 26.

Margaret Jean Burgess, 34, Red Rock, was arrested with Zazueta on June 6 at Timbers Apartments and is charged with harboring a fugitive from justice after two or more felony convictions. Zazueta is facing a felony charge of shooting with intent to kill in the May 21 shooting Dylan Trent Washington.
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Police report in the affidavit that the pair were visiting a resident at Timbers Apartments at the time of their arrest. The resident told police that Burgess texted and asked to come over. When Burgess arrived she had a male subject with her, who called himself Ricky. The tenant did not know him but allowed the pair in.

The resident told police “Ricky” went into the bathroom where he washed and iron clothes, before falling asleep on the couch. Shortly there after police knocked and ordered everyone out of the apartment. Officers arrested the pair and report finding a small amount of meth and a syringe in a make up bag seized.

Burgess reportedly told police that the resident did not know who Zazueta was or that he was wanted. She also reportedly stated, “I didn’t know about the syringe in my purse. If I would have known it was in there I would have used it.”

She is being held on $25,000 bond and the court has appointed Jarrod Stevenson as her attorney. Zazueta is being held on $1million bond and is also scheduled for a status docket on July 26.

Margaret Jean Burgess
Enrique Alberto Zazueta