Warrants issued for couple accused of animal abuse

June 3, 2019 | Courts

NEWKIRK — Warrants are issued for Patricia Linn Moran, 50, and Daniel James Moran, 53, both of Ponca City, who are are charged with animal cruelty.

The charges were filed after Kay County deputy Jason Bell responded to a complaint of animal cruelty in the 3000 block of Southwest Miller Lane.

Bell reports in the affidavit that upon arrival he smelled decaying flesh which led to the discovery of piglets feeding on two dead pigs. Bell then discovered two more dead pigs outside the pen area, which was home to a three legged goat and several pigs. Bell searched for a food and water source left for the animals, and reports finding only a puddle of created by rain. The deputy then located three more dead pigs, and what appeared to be a dead goat in a pile outside the pen.

Bell made contact with property owner identified as Stan Combs, who stated he rents the property to the Daniel and Patricia Moran.
Patricia arrived at the location and reportedly told Bell she feeds the animals scraps from Wendy’s and sacked feed from the store and waters them everyday.

She reportedly admitted that she is struggling to take care of the animals because of work and her husband’s medical issues. Bell reports in the affidavit that she claimed she attempted to burn the dead carcasses but it was too late, he instructed her to dispose of the dead animals that day (March 23).

On March 26, Bell and a local veterinarian returned to the scene.
Bell reports the dead animals had been burned but not completely disposed of. The vet advised the remaining animals were not emaciated but declared the living conditions as deplorable.

(Editor’s note: Police do not have a mug shot of Patricia on file at this time.)

Daniel James Moran