Cubs fan strives to collect one million Chicago Cubs cards

May 19, 2019 | Sports
By Sharon Rowen

MIDDLETON, Wis. — Major League Baseball fans can be found everywhere displaying their passion for the game and their team in many ways. One Chicago Cub fan has decided to exercise his love for the Cubs by striving to acquire one million Cubs baseball cards.

From A to Z or David Aardsma, to Dutch Zwiling, if there is a bubble gum card with a Cubs player on it, Beau Thompson wants it. Thompson said he started collecting cards 30 years ago and on Dec. 28, 2017 the One Million Cubs Project was born.

“I started the One Million Cubs Project because I have a million cards that I don’t really want,” said Thompson. “So I decided to trade them for Cubs. Since one million is a good milestone, I decided on that number.”
As a result of his quest, he is developing ties with people all across the country including here in Oklahoma. Many of these ties have been built on Twitter. Most trades are card for card.

In March of 2018 he received nearly 4,000 Cubs cards from a collector in New Hampshire. In return Thompson sent the collector a combination of 4,000 Montreal Expos and New England Patriots cards. He has also traveled to pick up cards including a trip to Illinois where he picked up at least 150,000 cards.

As of now Thompson’s Cub card count stands at 300,432 and counting.
Thompson said once he reaches his goal, his is not sure what is next.
“I still haven’t decided what the end game will be. It is probably going to take five years to get there.” Collectors can contact Thompson on Twitter @onemillioncubs or his website is

Thompson can be reached by email at

Beau Thompson drives home a load of sports cards. Thompson is striving to collect one million Chicago Cub cards.