Initial appearance set in exploitation case

May 7, 2019 | Courts|Headlines

NEWKIRK — An attorney status review is set for Tina Sue Hammond, 48, Blackwell, in Kay County District Court on May 10.

Hammond is facing a felony charge of exploitation of elderly, disabled adult by deception and or intimidation.

Authorities report in the affidavit that Hammond was assisting an elderly woman in Blackwell. The woman’s family told police that Hammond had possession of their mother’s Discover card while she was in the hospital and that she requested a second credit card.

When discovered, the family cancelled both credit cards but not before charges were made at Dollar General and Walmart in Ponca City.

Ponca City police officer Dana Wilson contacted Hammond, who reportedly admitted to the $175 charge made at Dollar General but denied knowing anything about the second card.

She also reportedly admitted to using the credit card at Walmart, claiming she thought she was using her own card. Hammond is free on $2,500 bond.

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